Sita : Warrior of Mithila

The best laid plans always have a tendency to get spoiled. There have always been surprises.- Amish

Sita : Warrior of Mithila – 2nd book of Ramchandra Series

Amish Tripathi – IIM kolkata passed out finance banker turned author. He has already given nice book like immortal of Meluha.

Major Charecter

  • Sita – Protagonist for this book. PM of Mithila
  • Ram – Law Abiding Ram, Author has not tempered with this character like many other.
  • Laxman –  Ram’s Brother, Pictured with gigantic physique.
  • Ravan – Mysterious so far in the Ramchandra Series.
  • Jatayu — Extended character than actual Ramayana.
  • Vishwamitra – Chief of Malayputra
  • Vashishtha – Guru of Ram and Brothers
  • Samichi – Mysterious and furious girl, Chief Police of Mithila
There are many characters since its long series, List is available at the start of Book itself.

In Numbers

Pages – 361
Chapters- 32
Approximate Time- 5 Hours

The story is about —

This book may not keep you hooked. The starting of the book is nice but towards the end it looks like more repetition. Amish has tried to weave recent issues of india in to book and have fairly done justice. It could have much better with lots of scope in terms of issues india facing right now and their relevance with ancient time.
Book becomes more predictive and you may loose charm towards the end, many parts are simply repetition from the Book 1 as if you are on revision course. However this make me wait for Third part to understand the story from Ravan’s point of view.

Who should try ?

If you are interested in Mythological fiction surely you may try. If you are looking for quick read over weekend or long journey as passer time you can give it a shot.

Who should refrain ?

If you are grown up watching Ramchadra Series on TV (I’m talking about old one), you may not like concept of Naga introduced by Amish in his series. If you want to understand Ramaayana please read originals than this series.

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