To Kill Mocking Bird

You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it – Harper  Lee

Harper Lee is perhaps most famous novelist of America, She won Pulitzer for To Kill Mocking Bird. She created buzz after decade publishing her next book “go set a watchman” in 2015, since it was after almost decade.

Major Character

Scout Finch – Protagonist, Tomboy of Maycomb, Loves to read.
Jem Finch – Scout’s Brother
Atticus Finch – Single Parent of Scout and Jem, Lawyer by profession, Avid reader and stands for what is right not easy.
Dill – Scout and Jem’s friend, Once a Runaway from home.
Calpurina – Family Cook of Finchs, Motherly figure
Boo Radley – Neighbor of Finchs, He is himself a Mystery
There are few more characters but i don’t want to give spoilers, so please read book.


Rabid dog – may symbolise the racism as the book is about that, Sheriff urge Atticus to kill dog as sheriff also face away from the inequality of racism. Read Book for more.
Mocking Bird

in Numbers

385 Pages
31 Chapters
5 Hours appx required to finish.

How was the book ?

Book is narrated from the point of view of Scout Finch, young Tomboy girl of maycomb. She is intelligent and likes to read. They are fascinated by Mysterious neighbour Boo Radley. The story revolve around the racism of that time. It includes court room drama, impbalace of society and the childhood of small town.
The book will keep you uptight and make you to read more as you progress. I will request you to have patience in earlier chapters which few may not find very engaging.

Who should read ?

I will suggest everyone to read this books atleast once in lifetime. You can read out this book to kids also to give them sense of many things like Integrity, Racism Evil etc.

Who should refrain ?

Well if you are into quick reads you may spare more time and read this book, Everyone should read this book once again i would suggest this.

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