Rich Dad Poor Dad

Book You can Re-read and re-read.

It has been long that almost everyone was praising Rich Dad Poor Dad being best for financial planning.I thought of giving it a try and got my kindle copy.


What it is about ?

You will learn the center idea almost on very first 20 pages, but have to have patience to read till last. Why Rich dad is Rich and Why Poor dad is Poor with their set of mind and Financial literacy.

Robert has given examples how he made fortunes from real estates and quite impressive while you read.

I will go with his ¬†word don’t imitate him or anyone, it may work for one not for other find your own interest area of assets and ultimately earn income. Most importantly as mentioned by him “Don’t Quit your Day Job”. Build assets that gives you impressive income and you may think of quitting job later.

Who Should try ?


If you are in your early 20s or of any age wanted to take charge of own financial fortune this one goes as starter package.!!!

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